the Wedding Party

The Bridesmaids

Loren, matron of honor and sister of the bride

June 2011 036Loren is Leah’s older sister. Leah and Loren spent their childhood in the dance studio, growing their hair out, rehearsing for plays, playing with Scooter, Rosie, and Rascal,  and choreographing dance routines on an exercise trampoline to Phil Collins songs. Classmates often called them the Hyatt twins, even though Leah grew taller than Loren at age 10. They love to travel together and have been to Paris, Rome, Venice, Florence, Madrid, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands and made several trips to New York City together. Loren went to Wofford too and was president of Kappa Alpha Theta when Leah joined. Loren now lives in Baltimore, works for U.S. AID in the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance and keeps trying to convince Leah to move to Washington, D.C. Loren was friends with Taylor before Leah came to Wofford and introduced the happy couple to each other during a Clemson football game showing in the commons.

Ashtin, friend of the bride

October 2007 005Leah and Ashtin became friends at Wofford College, and they are pledge sisters in Kappa Alpha Theta. They both loved to attend Velcro Pygmies shows during college and share a love for Cantina 76. Ashtin recently graduated from the University of South Carolina School of Law and found out that she passed the SC bar exam.




Erica, sister of the groom

SDC13753Erica is Taylor’s sister. Leah and Erica share a love for Clemson football, while the rest of the Peace family pulls for the Gamecocks, and enjoy floating at the end of the Peace’s dock on Lake Murray and zooming in on themselves in pictures to see how they look. They also like to get massages and hang out in hot tubs in living rooms after snow skiing. A Clemson graduate, Erica is now an accountant at BlueCross BlueShield in Columbia. Holla!

Jill, cousin of the bride

November 2008 086Jill is Leah’s cousin on her dad’s side of the family. Growing up, Leah, Loren and Jill loved to build forts at their grandmother’s house in Pauline and take trips to the pond. Today, Jill works at First Citizens Bank in Spartanburg.



Kathryn, friend of the bride

October 2010 077Leah and Kathryn attended rival high schools in Greenville, S.C., but they didn’t let that stand in the way of their friendship. Kathryn was one of Leah’s first friends at Wofford, and they are also pledge sisters in Kappa Alpha Theta. Kathryn and Leah attended many sorority functions and spring break trips together and got to hang out together in Italy when they were both studying abroad. After completing her master’s in art history, Kathryn recently moved to Houston, Texas, to begin a curatorial fellowship at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft.

Meg, friend of the bride

October 2008 005Meg and Leah were roommates for two years at Wofford and were both on executive council for their sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta. When first becoming friends, they bonded over their love of ballet, and Meg was one of the few people who could get Leah to go to the gym during college. Meg is currently a medical school student at the University of South Carolina, and also shares Leah and Ashtin’s affinity for Cantina 76 in Columbia.


The Groomsmen

Alan Peace, Best Man-Father of the Groom

Alan Peace has known the Taylor since Day 1.  He has been the most important and instrumental person in making Taylor who he is today.  He has always been a fount of wisdom, guidance, and patience.  He never gives bad advice, is always supportive, a great role model, and a rib-grilling master.  He also makes fried chicken that makes his mother proud.  Together, he and Taylor have hiked into the depths of the Grand Canyon, hunted black bear in Canada and white tail deer in South Carolina, and suffered through the highs and lows of being Gamecock fans.  They also both enjoy snow skiing during the last week in December.  Taylor could not be more excited to have his father stand with him as he and Leah begin their lives together.

Cannon Fulmer- High School Friend of the groom

Cannon Fulmer is one of Taylor’s good friends from high school and was a fellow high school band member.  After graduating from high school, Cannon attended the University of South Carolina where he majored in religious studies.  This, of course, prepared him to keep the streets of Columbia safe as a Columbia City Police Officer. Together, Taylor and Cannon have been on several backpacking trips, survived four years of high school marching band, played countless hours of ultimate frisbee in pitch black dark, and spent several summers tubing on Lake Murray.

Jason DeKoster-College Friend of the Groom

Jason DeKoster is Taylor’s freshman and sophomore year college roommate, pledge brother, and fraternity brother.  Taylor and Jason met at Wofford Collge after being paired together as freshman roommates.  Soon after, they joined the same fraternity, became good friends, and were there for each other all through their time at Wofford.  After graduation from Wofford, Taylor and Jason moved to Charleston, SC where Taylor attended law school and Jason began work as a recruiter for Aerotek.  Jason currently lives in Greenville, SC with his beautiful new wife, Leslie.  Together, Jason and Taylor enjoyed Wofford College, numerous fraternity and sorority functions, and lived in the same city for six (6) years.  They remain very close friends.

Jonathan Spitz-College Friend and Law School Roommate of the Groom

Jonathan Spitz is from Anderson, SC, and is one of Taylor’s fraternity brothers.  Jonathan and Taylor met at Wofford College where they both majored in Government and tried to take every class taught by Dr. Robert Jeffrey.  After Jonathan graduated from Wofford, he joined Taylor in Charleston, SC to attend law school.  While in Charleston, Taylor assisted Jonathan in raising a rambunctious, jealous, girl-hating dog named Mylie.  Jonathan recently passed the South Carolina bar and is the law clerk for Judge Amy McCullough.  Together, Jonathan and Taylor survived law school, enjoyed Charleston, and are now colleagues in the practice of law.

Joseph Kaiser-Law School Friend of the Groom

Joseph Kaiser is from Mount Pleasant, SC, believes Charleston is the greatest city in the world, and is the only loud obnoxious Clemson Tiger fan with whom Taylor chooses to associate.  Taylor met Joseph in Charleston, SC while in law school through a mutual friend.  Through the trials and tribulations of law school, Joseph and Taylor became good friends who spent many nights out at the Blind Tiger.  Today, Joseph is keeping the streets of North Charleston safe as a city prosecutor.  Together, Taylor and Joseph survived law school and the South Carolina bar, and many nights out in Charleston.  Also, since becoming friends, South Carolina has won three games against Clemson and lost one.

Thomas Player-College Friend of the Groom

Thomas Player is one of Taylor’s junior and senior college roommates.  Thomas is one of Taylor’s pledge brothers and fraternity brothers.  While at Wofford, Thomas learned the lifelong skill of professional wrestling and majored in biology.  After college, Thomas remained in Spartanburg to work at Wofford College prior to moving to Charleston to attend dental school.  Currently, Thomas enjoys Krav Maga, reading Wheel of Time books, and watching Game of Thrones.  He also shares in Taylor’s enjoyment of the radio show “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me.”  Together, Taylor and Thomas survived Wofford College,  have had many heated political discussions, and dedicated many Thursday nights to watching Lost.


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